Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

    Sanlih E-Television (SET), China Television Company (CTV), Taiwan TV Station, and 8TV, the No. 1 Chinese channel in Malaysia, have joined forces to produce a brand-new special project for the Taiwanese reality game show “Mr.Player. Four 8TV hosts, Rickman Chia, Orange Tan, Natalie Ng, and Ash Lu, participated in the show’s recording for the first time, giving it fresh life as part of this partnership to celebrate 8TV’s 20th anniversary. It was filmed in both Taiwan and Malaysia.

    This is a major milestone for Malaysia’s leading Chinese-language television channel, known for its high-quality localized content that nurtures and provides a steady platform for local talents. This collaboration is sure to take 8TV’s content to a brand new level while also providing opportunities for their home-grown talents to gain valuable experience and exposure.

    Resorts World Genting and GINVERA, as partners, have brought together celebrities from Taiwan and Malaysia for this special project, which will officially premiere on 8TV every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. beginning October 29th. The ‘Mr.Player’ Exclusive Partnership ceremony was held on September 5, where the three hosts, Jacky Wu, Kid Lin, and Ken Hsieh, led a group of artists in making appearances and sharing interesting shooting stories with the media.

    In conjunction with this project, Rickman Chia and Orange Tan traveled to Pingtung, Taiwan, last month and completed the first half of the filming alongside Taiwanese artists including Jason Chung, Gary Tang, Win Feng, Jupiter, Wenny Lin, and Zoe Hu. Last week, the program shifted to Genting Highlands and other locations in Malaysia to continue filming. Natalie Ng and Ash Lu from 8TV have also joined the guest lineup. Other artists who participated in the recording include Malaysian singer Andrew Tan, Jess Lee, Kaia Lee, and three Taiwanese artists, Dino Lee, Patty Wu, and Pan Ying Chu.

    This is the second time Team ‘Mr.Player’ has visited Malaysia this year, following their recording trip to Ipoh, Perak, in July. Over the past few years, the program team has traveled across Malaysia many times, including to Terengganu, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah, and other states for filming. The program’s format involves the hosts and guests splitting into two teams, one black and one yellow. They engage in competitive tasks, with the winners receiving rewards and the losers facing terrifying punishments.

    ‘Mr.Player’ has performed exceptionally well in terms of ratings and word-of-mouth since its broadcast, earning the love of audiences in Taiwan and Malaysia. Besides its diverse range of game content, the show’s lineup of guests often becomes a hot topic of discussion among viewers. Notably, the program received the “Most Popular Variety Show’’ award at the 2022 Taiwan Golden Bell Awards. Additionally, Jacky Wu and Kid Lin have also been honored twice as the “Best Host in a Reality or Game Show” at the Golden Bell Awards for their roles in this show. 8TV is committed to building a strong local entertainment platform for the industry and will also continue to collaborate with other industry players to create even more exciting and innovative content.

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