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    This year, approximately 120 high-performance automobiles from the BMW M series gathered in the heart of Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the 59th Malaysia Day and 50 Jahre M.

    BMW Group Malaysia and the M Owners Malaysia community paid tribute to the 59th Malaysia Day this year with a unique gathering of over 120 powerful BMW M vehicles from across the generations; further fuelling the passion for BMW M amongst the local community of owners, motorsports enthusiasts and fans.

    Hans de Visser, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia said, “This year, as we commemorate five decades of rich history as one team with a united passion for BMW M; let us not forget the unity of Malaysians as one nation who are also celebrating 59 years of national identity. It is a true delight to witness this passion that Malaysians have for the brand in full strength, demonstrating not only their pride and love for our motorsport division but for Malaysia on such a significant day as well. We hope that the Most Powerful Letter in the World will continue to resonate with the diverse yet close-knit BMW M community here.”

    As part of the ///M for Malaysia Day celebrations, BMW Group Malaysia also awarded the winners of the search for the oldest BMW M models of each model series in the country – a nationwide contest that was held in May this year, in conjunction with 50 Jahre M. Three of the six winning BMW M models were placed on special display at the Malaysia Day gathering for public viewing.

    Winners of the contest, in no particular order, are:

    1. Han Kim Leng, 1981 BMW M535i (E12)
    2. Harris Mah Kar Keat – 1988 BMW M3 (E30)
    3. Lim Shin Tom – 1991 BMW M5
    4. Gan Kian Yeh – 2006 BMW M6 (E63)
    5. Tan Kai Che – 2015 BMW M4
    6. Tee Yee Jiuh – 2017 BMW M2

    “As we commemorate 50 Years of BMW M, we are truly floored by the strong support of all our BMW M owners and fans in Malaysia, many of whom have journeyed with us all these years to honour five rich decades of the brand’s pursuit for motorsport perfection. Their unwavering support has been pivotal to our success here, and ///M for Malaysia Day is a true exemplification of the unity and pride shown by the Malaysian BMW M community,” Hans added.


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