Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

    Yesterday, in Kuala Lumpur, women and girls celebrated a significant achievement by successfully wrapping off the most recent session of the Kejar Kerja program. Together with Watsons, NIVEA, and WOMEN:girls, this apprenticeship program was designed to give young women in the creative industry organized career pathways. The initiative had a profound effect on everyone involved, not only did it result in more rewarding experiences for its participants, but it also cemented a deeper collaboration.

    The Kejar Kerja programme, encompassing recruitment, orientation and apprenticeship phases,  commenced with an intensive selection process, handpicking 10 exceptional candidates for a two month apprenticeship in the beauty industry. This programme uniquely paired participants with  esteemed mentors from the makeup, fashion and beauty sectors, ensuring a mentorship rich in  guidance and industry insights. Focused on equipping participants for the future, the programme  offered tailored skills training, closely aligned with the evolving trends and needs of the contemporary  beauty and creative industries. This immersive apprenticeship experience extended beyond theory,  involving participants in the practical aspects of the industry, from daily operations to participation in  a variety of business and lifestyle events.

    The programme participants were mentored by a cadre of industry luminaries: Kim May Chee  (founder of COCOdry), Adlina Nadirah (founder of Velvet Vanity Cosmetics), Nadia Halim (founder  of Blip by Nadia Halim), Nelissa Hilman (founder and creative director of Nelissa Hilman), KF Bong  (celebrity makeup artist), Melinda Looi (fashion designer), Warnabilla (makeup artist), Jastina  (makeup artist and founder of J Beauty Shop), Sereen Eng (nail care expert and founder of POSH  Malaysia) and Ummi Nasir (makeup artist and content creator), all of whom imparted valuable  knowledge and skills, shaping the apprentices’ professional growth.

    Izza Izelan, Executive Director of WOMEN:girls, reflected on the significant impact of the Kejar Kerja  programme, “Rooted in our belief that every young woman is entitled to realise her aspirations and  secure a prosperous future, WOMEN:girls initiated the Kejar Kerja programme in 2016 and over the  years, this initiative has flourished together with our dedicated partners and mentors. We’ve  witnessed numerous young women emerge from the apprenticeship programme further inspired and  equipped with the skills and confidence to make substantial contributions towards themselves and  their communities. The remarkable growth and resilience of our apprentices are a testament to the  bright future they deserve. Our hope is for them to sustain and build upon this momentum even  beyond the programme’s conclusion.”

    Over the past decade, WOMEN:girls has impacted the lives of more than 20,000 individuals. This  achievement underscores the significance of the support from partners like NIVEA and Watsons,  who have been vital in empowering and enriching the lives of young women in Malaysia. The  graduation event not only celebrates the accomplishments of the apprentices but also symbolises  the collective efforts and dedication of everyone involved in making the Kejar Kerja programme a  beacon of opportunity and empowerment.

    “The collaboration with NIVEA and Watsons has been crucial in realising the vision of the Kejar Kerja  programme. Echoing NIVEA’s dedication to individual empowerment and positive change, their  support has played a pivotal role in cultivating a new generation of confident, skilled young women  in the beauty and creative industries. Watsons Malaysia’s involvement, meanwhile, highlights their  commitment to fostering future leaders in the health and beauty sector, aligning with their goal of  generating positive social impact and promoting professional growth in Malaysia. This partnership  has been integral to our shared mission of advancing social development,” said Izza.

    Kejar Kerja stands out as a premier offering among WOMEN:girls’ array of flagship programmes,  designed to connect communities with opportunities beyond their immediate reach. For those  interested in exploring other initiatives or collaborating with WOMEN:girls, detailed information is  available on their website at www.womengirls.org. Additionally, inquiries and interactions are  welcomed through their social media platforms, including Instagram (@womengirls), Twitter  (@WOMENgirls_), TikTok (@_womengirls) and Facebook (@WOMENgirlsInspire).

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