Thu. May 30th, 2024

    After a triumphant performance at her solo concert “Sebuah Epitome: Saya Siti Nurhaliza” on 9 March, Dato Sri Siti Nurhaliza makes a comeback with her new song, “Cinta Tak Mungkin”.

    The song composed by Farouk Roman and with lyrics by Adrianna Cinta has been selected as the soundtrack for the Astro Ria series titled “Malang Si Puteri.”

    The song “Cinta Tak Mungkin” arranged by Reza Ramsey was created through discussions between composer Farouk Roman and the production company, Radius One Sdn. Bhd. Farouk produced the song and lyrics according to the publisher’s preferences and the storyline of the series.

    According to Siti Nurhaliza, “Cinta Tak Mungkin” is her second collaboration with Farouk Roman, who previously produced the song titled “Senyawa” through the album “Sitism.” The melody and lyrics of the song, synonymous with the desires of a storyline, make this song special in her heart.

    “Farouk is indeed well-known for producing soundtracks, and I believe in his touch. Additionally, Farouk also grants me the freedom to sing the song with my own emotions after explaining the storyline to me. The first time I heard the demo, this song immediately captured my heart,” said Siti.

    While recording this latest single, Siti admitted that she was still in the process of recovering her voice, but it wasn’t a problem for her to fulfill the responsibilities given. Singing a soundtrack is considered one of the best opportunities for a singer because the song will always be played and can easily catch the attention of audiences and listeners. This song has also been well received by the audience of the current aired drama “Malang Si Puteri.”

    According to Siti, even though the song is not about her life story, she tries to embody the character portrayed in the broadcast drama well. The expression of exhaustion, confinement, and the bitterness of life is conveyed through the emotions in her singing.

    “Cinta Tak Mungkin” is Siti’s latest venture, and she hopes that this song will be well received by all fans and music lovers in the country. The song can now be streamed on all digital platforms starting from March 8, 2024.

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