Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

    There is some exciting news! Ernie Zakri, the acclaimed Malaysian singer, is presently on an intense promotional tour for her most recent album, “Aura,” which debuted just a few months back. The album’s engaging hit ‘Masing Masing’, a remarkable duet with Indonesian artist Ade Govinda, has inspired Ernie to travel to our neighbouring nation to cast a bright light on this wonderful music.

    ‘Masing Masing’ isn’t just any song – it’s an emotive tale of heartache, composed and crafted by the highly talented Indonesian singer-songwriter Ade Govinda alongside Nabila V. It depicts a couple’s decision to separate in pursuit of individual happiness, offering a captivating narrative that resonated deeply with Malaysian listeners, propelling it to an outstanding 8th place on the prestigious ERA 40 Chart. The MV for ‘Masing Masing’ managed to receive 1.4 million views in the time span of 2 months, with support from fans especially from Malaysia and Indonesia. “I
    would like to express my gratitude to my fans who have supported my song, ‘Masing Masing,’and I hope to visit Indonesia again in the future to perform ‘Masing Masing’,” Ernie explained.

    Ernie’s promotional odyssey kicked off in Jakarta on January 15, 2024, unleashing a whirlwind of electrifying energy as she plunged into a vibrant array of online and radio interviews. She graced Kinari Warta Kota Podcast and iradio Jakarta before making electrifying appearances on the Sea Today Morning Show and Pro 2 Jakarta. The buzzing momentum continued as she took the Indonesian media by storm with riveting guest spots on Detik Pagi, Celebrits Okezone, and I Talk Insert, marking her presence in Indonesia’s media arena.The following day, her media blitz intensified with an enthralling interview at In Today Media and an engaging encounter with the distinguished voices of JakFM. This promotional crusade concluded with a captivating performance of ‘Masing Masing’ by Ernie Zakri and Ade Govinda at the iconic Anjungan Sarinah Jakarta, leaving a lasting impression on her fans and the media.

    “I am very happy with the promotional framework in Jakarta. In fact, I didn’t expect the reception from the media over there would be so good towards me. They provided the best cooperation. Although I was a bit tired of chasing for time, I am happy with what has been planned by Universal Music Malaysia and MyMusic Records,” explained Ernie.

    Ernie, who previously wowed audiences with the hit ‘Hal Hebat’ in collaboration with Govinda, holds high hopes for the captivating ‘Masing Masing’ in Indonesia. “Of course, I want the best for this song. I really hope it will be well-accepted by Indonesian music listeners because my hopes for this song and album are high. However, everything depends on luck and my own efforts. Hopefully I will receive good news from Indonesia,” commented Ernie again about her hopes to promote the song and album in Indonesia.

    Upon her return, the unstoppable Ernie continues championing her album “Aura” and gears up for an electrifying lineup of concerts and performances that promise to captivate audiences with her undeniable talent and charisma. Stay tuned for a captivating journey with the illustrious Ernie Zakri.

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