Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

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    With the vivo V29 5G, vivo Malaysia showcases not only technological prowess but also a keen understanding of user needs. This device stands as a testament to their dedication in offering products that seamlessly combine cutting-edge features with a visually appealing design, setting a new standard for mobile experiences.

    The Aura Light 2.0 feature with its larger ring of 15.6 mm diameter, is remarkable for creating a three-dimensional lighting effect, providing even lighting from all angles and banishing facial shadows and dark spots. Its extensive light-emitting area, nine times larger than a standard flash, produces soft, professional studio-like lighting. Moreover, a 36% increase in brightness compared to the previous model empowers the V29 5G to capture vivid and powerful shots, bringing moments to life with greater focus and impact.

    Smart Color Temperature Adjustment

    The vivo V29 5G boasts the enhanced Aura Light 2.0 feature, accompanied by the intelligent Smart Color Temperature Adjustment capability. This combination is a personalized lighting solution, elevating portrait photography to a studio-grade level. Even in challenging low-light or night settings, this feature allows users to effortlessly capture the essence of their exciting moments with precision and clarity. Furthermore, the V29 5G’s lighting system has been innovatively revamped, featuring a versatile 4-LED line-up with adjustable color temperatures. The system seamlessly transitions across 23 color temperature levels, providing consistent and even lighting, enhancing the overall photography experience.

    Nano-Level Aura Light: The Secret to Perfectly Even and Soft Lighting

    The Nano-level Aura Light ensures an even and soft lighting. The central reflective cone is coated with nano-scale vacuum coating for enhanced reflectivity whereas the outer lampshade has finely cut Fresnel grooves for directing light outward, with precise nano-level processing. This, along with Bokeh particles, the vivo V29 5G will soften the light, resulting in precise light control and uniform illumination.

    In celebration of the vivo V29 5G launch, vivo Malaysia introduces the ’99 Nights in Portrait 2.0′ photo contest, aiming to highlight the V29 5G remarkable Aura Light 2.0 feature and discover portrait photography talents across Malaysia. All Malaysians are invited to participate in this exciting event by just submitting photos from 9th October to 13th November. There will be a new theme each week and opportunities to win fantastic prizes, including a grand prize from vivo Malaysia and weekly prizes from Joyoung. 

    Stay tuned for more updates on vivo official Facebook page and vivo Malaysia official Website for the latest updates.

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