Thu. May 30th, 2024

    In celebration of its 20th anniversary in Malaysia, Manhattan FISH MARKET Malaysia has launched What The Fish!, a brand campaign.

    The Manhattan FISH MARKET Group Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Chan said: “This campaign reinforces what The Manhattan FISH MARKET is all about: a great surprise and fresh seafood – two vital elements as we move forward from our milestones in Malaysia for the last 20 years and create other landmarks.

    “While fans enjoy our evergreen offerings, we want everyone to remember that there’s so much more to drool over besides our classic Fish & Chips. The Manhattan FISH MARKET is also about tasting amazing and surprising varieties,” he said at the official media launch of the campaign at Sunway Pyramid.

    The two-month What The Fish! Campaign from 1 November through 31 December 2022 encapsulates the fun, bold, new attitude that The Manhattan FISH MARKET is taking to bring more excitement and surprise to customers. This time, diners will be spoiled with FIVE mouth-watering, all-new menu items that will just get them hooked instantly on The Manhattan FISH MARKET seafood.

    Daniel said: “Our brand campaign What The Fish! Will have premium seafood offering that are segregated to 2 offerings by the following outlets:

    1. The Manhattan FISH MARKET IOI City Mall
    2. The Manhattan FISH MARKET Mid Valley
    3. The Manhattan FISH MARKET Sunway Pyramid
    4. The Manhattan FISH MARKET Sunway Putra
    5. The Manhattan FISH MARKET AEON Shah Alam
    6. The Manhattan FISH MARKET Wangsa Walk Mall
    7. The Manhattan FISH MARKET Setia City Mall
    8. The Manhattan FISH MARKET AEON Tebrau City

    Offering 1: Menu Descriptions and Prices

    1. Boston Lobster Poached Nam Jin Seafood (RM269.90)

    Nam Jin sauce is inspired by Thai’s seafood dipping sauce. The texture of the sauce is soury and slightly spiced clear sauce that is a match made in heaven for all things seafood and will whet the appetite. Lobster as a hero, it is also poached with a range of seafood such as Mussels, Calamaris, Squid, Baby Asari Clams, Scallops and vegetables.

    1. Chilean Snow Crab Poached Lemongrass Seafood (RM269.90)

    Snow Crab is paired with a gingery Lemongrass Sambal that is not too spicy for the kids or those who cannot take spicy to taste. This gingery lemongrass sambal sauce / paste is poached with a range of seafood other than the Snow Crab as hero. In the poached includes Mussels, Calamaris, Tiger Prawns and vegetables

    1. Flaming Bavarian Prawns (RM69.90)

    A sharing plate with 20 Tiger Prawns, dressed with a sinful spread of Bavarian sauce – a sweet, cheesy savory sauce. Flamed to perfection for a table to share.

    1. Herb Fromage Prawn Pasta (RM33.90)

    As the name says it all – a cheesy blend of garlic and herbs pasta served with prawns. Guests are given a choice to choose the type of pasta – Spaghetti or Penne.

    1. Ajillo Poached Seafood Bucket (RM115.90)

    Ajillo is an inspired condiment in the Spanish world of cooking. It cloaks the seafood with garlic-infused oil with smoky hints of paprika. Poached with a range of seafood such as Mussels, Calamaris, Tiger Prawns and vegetables.

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