Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

    Are you ready to indulge in the sizzling sensation of Lak Lak, where the bold flavours make taste buds go “cluck cluck” with delight? foodpanda Malaysia, one of Malaysia’s leading food and grocery delivery platforms, and SugarBun, joined forces to introduce the sizzling new Lak Lak Chicken, a spicy delight that will tantalise taste buds.

    Lak Lak Chicken is a special variety of spicy fried chicken which cater to distinct Asian taste with its spiciness. The fresh chicken parts are marinated, seasoned and cooked in vegetable oil before they are coated with an exotic blend of super hot & spicy spices. Noted for its golden brown crust on the outside, the flesh is tender and flavourful and packed with a unique extra hot and spicy taste that tingles the tongue! To celebrate the launch of the new offering as well as SugarBun’s fourth year in the panda

    pick programme, foodpanda hosted the Lak Lak Chicken Challenge at SugarBun Menara Hap Seng here today, where the lucky participants from the public and the media took on the fiery culinary dare.

    panda pick is foodpanda’s selection of delectable vendors that are available for delivery ONLY on the foodpanda platform. This strategic collaboration enables SugarBun to expand its reach further and cater to customers, relying on foodpanda’s extensive delivery network to provide the utmost convenience for consumers to indulge in the delightful flavours of SugarBun, all through a seamless delivery service.

    Sayantan Das, CEO of foodpanda Malaysia, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating,”We are thrilled to have partnered with SugarBun over the years as their only food delivery partner. Now, we are excited to be able to widen the reach of their spicy Lak Lak Chicken to our customers all over Malaysia. Introducing Borneo’s Lak Lak Chicken as well as their many other signature foods on our platform showcases our commitment to uniting Malaysians through the exciting flavours of Malaysia, which is truly what Malaysians are about!”

    The challenge rules are simple – devour as many spicy Lak Lak Chicken drumsticks as you can within an eight-minute time limit and stand a chance to win amazing cash prizes and more.

    First and 2nd prize winners from the public category went home with a fire in their mouths but were quickly soothed with RM5,000 and RM2,000 cash prizes. On the other hand, newsmen won RM 500 and RM 300 foodpanda vouchers for the 1st and 2nd prize respectively.

    Throughout the competition, the participants showcased their unwavering spirit, devouring the scrumptious spicy chicken drumsticks with gusto. The atmosphere was filled with cheering, laughter, and a friendly competitive spirit as everyone pushed themselves to their limits.

    Datuk Joseph Ambrose Lee, Managing Director of Borneo Oil Berhad, the holding company of SugarBun fast food restaurant expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating,”We are pleased to have been in this partnership with foodpanda since 2019 in offering SugarBun’s extensive menu including the Lak Lak Chicken to our customers via delivery onlythrough foodpanda. On a deeper scale, we hope this partnership will continue to enhance SugarBun’s reach across Malaysia to bring our unique dishes and flavours to even more food lovers. Customer satisfaction and retention are what make us relevant in the food industry, and we look forward to seeing the positive outcomes of this partnership with foodpanda as we have been in the past four years.”

    To sample the Lak Lak Chicken and SugarBun’s other menu offerings, new customers can enjoy 50% off their first SugarBun order with a minimum order value of RM20, capped at RM10 with the promo code NEWSUG The Lak Lak Offer is available only on foodpanda for a limited time. It includes two pieces of

    Lak Lak Broasted chicken, savoury rice, pickles, and a Coca-Cola drink.AR, while stocks last.

    At the same time, customers in Sarawak can enjoy their first month of pandapro subscription at a cool RM0.50 instead of the usual RM8.90. Use the promo code PANDAPROKL for access to:

    • Free delivery (up to RM4) with minimum order of RM25 for restaurants and RM50 for shops and pandamart
    • Dine-in offers
    • Up to 15% off on restaurants
    • Extra 5% off for pick-up



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