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    The limited-edition Supernova Orange hue, which is the newest addition to iQOO’s Z7 collection, is now available. This shade exudes a brilliant color and effortlessly reflects modern style and boundless vitality, giving it the perfect option to appeal to the young, active, and fashion-conscious demographic.

    The features of the Limited Edition iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange include a large battery with ultra-120W flash charging, giving customers their first taste of the allure of high-end technology. A smartphone with outstanding performance overall with the newest Snapdragon® 782G chipset, an amazing 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera with a storage capability of 12/8GB + 8GB Extended Ram, and a 120hz FHD + Dot Display

    Embrace the Vibe of Supernova Orange
    The latest limited edition iQOO Z7 5G in Supernova Orange is a reflection of the vibrancy and energy that define today’s youth. This striking color option injects a sense of fashion and an energetic vibe to its features, providing a fresh avenue for self-expression and personal style. This Supernova Orange variant adds a unique and unleashing flair to the iQOO Z7 series, making it an instant head-turner and a must-have, especially for youths.

    Embrace the fusion of style and functionality as you engage with technology like never before. The iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange is more than a product; it’s a lifestyle choice, an emblem of youthful spirit, and a canvas for personal expression in the world.

    Unending Battery Performance and Rapid Flash Charging Power 
    The iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange is well equipped with a 120W dual-cell flash charger, delivering the swiftest charging rate within its price range and boasting a charging configuration on par with leading flagship devices available in the market. In addition to that, the battery has a smart charging approach that is based on the sleep pattern: reaching 80% charge, then completing before intended usage.

    The battery also comes with an anti-aging charging algorithm that monitors the battery’s health dynamically as it adjusts charging in real-time, moderating current as needed.

    The iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange utilizes a second-generation high-viscosity separator, which enhances electrode layer adhesion, bolstering cell mechanical performance and resilience. It also has comprehensive safety measures, as the device undergoes seven battery safety tests and is reliable due to its reverse charging technology.

    A dive into the benefits of the iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange 
    With the extended RAM 3.0, the use of computational optimization merges the RAM and ROM. By utilizing free ROM space for running RAM, this aids in extending RAM up to an additional 8G of memory beyond its initial capacity, which allows 27 applications to be running actively for the 8GB and 36 applications for the 12GB.

    In addition, the iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange comes with the 3K Large Super-Conducting Liquid Cooling Vapor Chamber, which aids in cooling down the temperature of the CPU by 15°C.

    It is also equipped with the industry-leading super thermal gel, where the thermal conductivity will increase by 71%, transmitting heat from the heat source to the VC rapidly.

    Immersive Screen and Sound Innovation The siQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange LCD Screen is designed to shine even under the brightest sun. With a maximum brightness of 650 nits, it guarantees a sharp image even when the phone is directed towards sunlight without any struggle to read or view content. The 120Hz Eye Protection Screen isn’t just a feature; it’s a commitment to your well-being.

    With the iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange, it is not just investing in cutting-edge technology but also the comfort and health of the user due to its low blue light feature, adaptive brightness,stepless dining, moonlight screen, and global eye protection mode. The Closed-Box Dual Stereo Speaker is designed to create a surround sound effect for higher-quality video games and movie experiences.

    Ideal Partner for Capturing Memorable Moments s
    iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange Primary Camera commits to providing visual excellence, so every moment captured is transformed into a masterpiece with their Pro Sports Mode 3.0, which minimizes the effects of shaking while capturing images. Utilizing the rawEnhance algorithm and motion metering for immediate motion identification and exposure adjustment, OIS effectively addresses image blurring concerns, resulting in sharper and clearer photographs.

    With their excellent Super Night Mode 4.0, the high-tier softBRP architecture brings superior performance for low-light photography (ISO 3200 and lower), and its synergy with AI further boosts clarity and image quality.

    Elevate the user-friendly experience with the InfraRed Remote Control and Wi-Fi 6. 
    Creating an experience tailored to the user, the iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange makes life more accessible with the feature of InfraRed-Remote-Control, which can be applied to set-top boxes, TVs, projectors, and home appliances from nearly 1600 brands from China and abroad, whereas the enhanced Wi-Fi 6 improves communication efficiency due to its new features like OFDMA and DL/UL MU-MIMO.

    Upgraded Wi-Fi 6 offers a notable enhancement in maximum download capacity, effectively guaranteeing smoother network performance. This solves issues such as buffering during usage, leading to more seamless video streaming and gaming experiences for users.

    iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange First Sale Promo

    With the first purchase of the iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange, buyers will get a discount of RM100 from the original price, along with an extended screen warranty.

    In conjunction with the 9.9 sale, buyers will get to purchase the phone at a discounted price of RM1175 from Shopee with a gift: the Edifier MP100 + Bluetooth Speaker. As for Lazada, the device is available at a reduced price of RM1169 with a free Skullcandy earbud.

    Here is information on the price and availability of the iQOO Z7 5G Supernova Orange:

    Launching Date4th September 2023
    First Sale Date9th September 2023
    Online Sales Platformvivo Malaysia’s official E-store, Shopee, Lazada and TikTok shop   

    Stay up to date with the latest promotions and product specifications at iQOO’s facebook page and iQOO’s official website

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