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    With the variety of aesthetic treatment options available that made Klinik Nur Raisha is quite popular. It is fully managed by certified doctors with expertise in this field, it is not surprise this clinic consistently earns the trust of its customers seeking facial beauty treatment. What is more, the cost of aesthetic treatment is very reasonable. The fee for regular freckle treatment ranges from RM200 to RM500. Depending on the nature of the skin problem. Additionally, it provides general medical services such as fever, symptomatic diseases, and others beside aesthetic treatments. Klinik Nur Raisha open from 9 am to 6 pm every day except Thursday (holiday).


    Nur Raisha Clinic also sell their own brand of facial care products. This product is made from the formulation of great doctor’s research results in order to help customers here speed up the process of aesthetic treatment.



    Consultation and Treatment Rooms

    Nur Raisha Clinic’s consultation and treatment rooms are spacious and comfortable. The use of the minimalism concept, combined with a decorative finish of white and pink colours, makes it very beautiful and pleasing to the eye.


    Each treatment will make use of cutting-edge technology brought in from Korea and the United States. This is to ensure their customers receive the best service possible.


    The machine used is not only cutting-edge technologically, but it also employs a laser whose impact is faster than usual, safe, and painless.


    Aesthetic Services Provided by Nur Raisha Clinic:-

    1. Scar Treatment
    2. Acne Treatment
    3. Pigmentation Treatment
    4. Weight Loss
    5. OxyGeneo Facial Treatment 3 in 1
    6. Laser Keratosis & Warts
    7. Mole Laser
    8. Laser Xanthelasma
    9. Threadlift



    Customers typically visit Nur Raisha Clinic to treat their facial freckles. For your information, freckles are a common problem among Malaysians, particularly those in their 30s.

    Many men and women, regardless of race, suffer from the problem of facial freckles. Other treatments available include facial wart removal (skin tag), acne treatment, mole removal, reducing pigmentation, beautifying the skin, laser melasma, and many more.


    Founder of Nur Raisha Clinic


    Nur Raisha Clinic first began operations in 2017. The name Nur Raisha was derived from the owner’s daughter’s name, Doctor Wan Hidayu binti Wan Ahmad. Dr Wan Hidayu graduated from the University of Malaya with a degree in medicine in 2011. He has also worked at Sungai Buloh Hospital, the National Blood Center, and various health clinics. Because of her potent interest in the field of aesthetics, he later pursued a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Wan Hidayu has extensive experience in the field of beauty, and she is also an expert in acne treatment, scar treatment with laser, filler, and thread lifting. Dr. Wan Hidayu is a female entrepreneur who hopes to expand this aesthetic treatment to every country. This simultaneously opens up opportunities for more entrepreneurs interested in collaborating as well as job opportunities for the local community.


    Those interested in receiving treatment at Nur Raisha Clinic can call the clinic to schedule an appointment or simply walk in:-

    Klinik Nur Raisha Publika
    A2-1-2 Solaris Dutamas No 1 Jalan Dutamas 1 50480 Kuala Lumpur

    Klinik Nur Raisha Puncak Alam
    No 20 Jalan Niaga Bestari 8, Puncak Bestari, 42300 Puncak Alam, Selangor
    TEL : 03-33938625

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