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    D’Aura Cosmetics is a well-known brand in cosmetics and beauty industry. Dina Abu Bakar, the ‘founder‘ of this brand who built it and she is already 15 years in beauty line. D Aura Cosmetics sells two popular items which is D Aura Perfume and D Aura Jelita Vitamin C.


    The characteristics of D’Aura fragrance:

    1. Safe to use
    2. Alcohol Fragrance
    3. The fragrance lasts for 8-12 hours
    4. Premium fragrance quality
    5. Easy to keep and carry
    6. Exclusive design
    7. Muslim friendly
    8. 100% essence formula from Europe
    9. Best spray quality

    The advantages of D’Aura fragrance:

    1. Aromatheraphy
    2. Refreshing
    3. Stabilize mood
    4. Strengthen memory
    5. Attractive
    6. Give positivity vibes
    7. Boost self-assurance
    8. Relieve headaches
    9. Makes it easier to sleep


    D Aura Cosmetics makes three fragrances for women and one for men. The names of the perfumes chosen are mentions to the names of the founder D Aura Family’s children, Amanda, Arissa, Alisha, and Aaron. Customers can choose from a variety of packages and the prices are RM68 per box which is very affordable.

    Aside from that, D Aura Cosmetic also has released a new vitamin C product called D’Aura Jelita Vit C. The main Ingredient is Vitamin C, Collagen, Glutathione, Pueraria Mirifica, Astaxantin, Hyaluronic acid, Pearl, Delima and Honey. The flavour is Mixberry, and the price is RM88, it also has numerous benefits such as:-

    1. Brighten up the skin of the face and body

    2. Fades acne and body parts

    3. Fades operation and burn scars

    4. Close the pores on the face

    5. Reduces oily skin

    6. Treating problematic skin

    7. Treating dry skin

    8. Treating a cracked heels

    9. Treating a dull skin and eye bags

    10. Treating a cold sores and allergies

    11. Strengthens nails and hair.

    12. Tightens the skin of the face, breasts & hips

    13. Supply Vitamin C and nutrition in daily body.

    For purchasing D’Aura Products:
    Purchase online can shop through website and get free delivery or Cash On Delivery also available (COD).

    Official Website:

    Facebook: D Aura Cosmetics

    Instagram: D Aura Cosmetics

    Tiktok: D Aura Cosmetics

    For COD:
    C-3A-G, Putra Walk, Jln PP25,
    Taman Pinggiran Putra,
    Sek. 2, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.


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