Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

    Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, has been chosen to serve as the venue for the 2025 edition of the International Choir Competition, Forum, and Workshop, which is being conducted by the German company INTERKULTUR.

    INTERKULTUR is the world’s leading organiser of international choir competitions and festivals and has been making decisive contributions to the choral world for decades. Since being founded in 1988, INTERKULTUR has built bridges between more than 10,000 choirs and 450,000 singers from all over the world.

    According to INTERKULTUR, Sarawak’s rich, multi-ethnic culture makes it the perfect destination for the competition, especially with its reputation for hosting the renowned Rainforest World Music Festival which attracts approximately 20,000 music revellers every year.

    “Music is an inherent part of Sarawak’s culture since we are a culturally and linguistically diverse part of Asia”, said The Honourable Datuk Snowdan Lawan, Sarawak’s Deputy Minister for Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts. “Traditional and ethnic music is an important part of our cultural gatherings and I hope that INTERKULTUR and their delegates will take the opportunity to explore our music scene and collaborate with local talents on future initiatives.“

    INTERKULTUR events are centred around the belief that singing unites different cultures and worldviews according to their motto, “Singing together brings nations together”. The International Choir Competition in Kuching, Sarawak is expected to attract a total of 1000 participants — 200 of which are from the local choral communities while around 800 international participants are expected to join the event.

    “INTERKULTUR’s philosophy is that choral singing is a socially inclusive activity that is free from discrimination and prejudice,” expressed INTERKULTUR’s Vice President, Stefan Bohlander. “Sarawak is well known for its peaceful and welcoming attitude which is a priority for INTERKULTUR events. We believe that the International Choir Competition will boost mutual respect and understanding between cultures”.

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