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    Following an exhilarating event with over 300,000 spectators at Stadium Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang, Karnival Jom Heboh (KJH) BABA’S is prepared to rule Kelantan, also referred to as the state of Cik Siti Wan Kembang. The event will begin at RTC Tunjung in Kota Bharu on September 7 and last from Thursday to Saturday, September 7–9. KJH currently holds the record for the longest field event in Malaysia, according to the Malaysia Book of Records.

    The state of Kelantan marks KJH’s third stop for its 20th anniversary celebration. The carnival will have various captivating activities exclusively for the people of the East Coast. Adding to the excitement is BABA’S, the largest spice brand in Malaysia, with their ‘bekwoh’ activity (cooking gulai in a large pot). Similar to the previous location, BABA’S will continue to give away 10,000 free food packages to attending visitors. The carnival, presented by BABA’S, also provides various activities for visitors, such as a curry cooking demonstration, games and activities to win mystery prizes from BABA’S, and a halal information activity with BABA’S to appreciate its loyal consumers.

    The state of Kelantan is indeed famous for its Malay cultural heritage and is also known as ‘Serambi Mekah’. Additionally, Studio Tonton Drama Sangat will be reviving the art of ‘dikir barat’ by organizing a ‘dikir barat’ singing competition, as well as ‘azan’ recitations and a storytelling contest. These competitions aim to provide space and opportunities for local talents to express their creativity and indirectly showcase

    the cultural art of the East Coast. To all visitors, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the provided competitions, as you stand a chance to win cash from a prize pool worth up to RM9000.

    The fun continues at Studio Tonton Drama Sangat with celebrity lineups who are starring in various popular programs on Tonton, TV3, and TV9. Visitors are able to meet and spend time with their favorite celebrities, such as Ashraf Muslim, Erma Fatimah, Izzue Islam, Matni Razak, Mekyun, Nabil Aqil, Raja Atiq, Wany Hasrita, and many more. Not to be forgotten are the celebrity ‘pendakwah’ from programs like ‘Tanyalah Ustaz’ and ‘My Quran Time’ such as Dai’ Aiman, Dai’ Azrin, Ustaz Fazrul, Ustaz Khairol, and Ustaz Tarmizi.

    ‘Maghi singgoh semeta’ is the highlight of the events that will be taking place on the second and third nights (8 and 9 September), where visitors get to enjoy the Konsert Jom Heboh featuring a lineup of popular local singers, which includes Azzam Shah, Ameng Spring, Ariff Bahran, Aepul Roza, Yamani Abdullah, Nizam Laksamana, Khai Bahar, Syafiq Farhain, Lan Solo, Zarul Umbrella, Rahmad Mega, and Naqiu.

    To all residents of the East Coast, don’t forget to ‘pakat maghi belako’ to Karnival Jom Heboh BABA’s Kelantan, which takes place from September 7 to September 9, 2023 (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) at RTC Tunjung, Kota Bharu, starting as early as 9.00 am!

    Come have fun with us and spread the joy with your family by using the hashtags #TV3SentiasaBersamamu, #KarnivalJomHeboh, and #KarnivalJomHebohBABAS. For more information, visit the website and follow the official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram at @jomhebohofficial.

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