Thu. May 30th, 2024

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    The first fully-fledged Islamic financial institution in Malaysia to receive this esteemed accreditation is Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (Bank Islam or the Bank), which has received the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) certification from ABAC Center of Excellence Sdn Bhd (ABAC).

    Bank Islam’s Chairman, Tan Sri Dr. Ismail Bakar, received the accreditation at the certification ceremony held at Menara Bank Islam earlier today from the Group CEO of ABAC, Zafar Anjum. Also in attendance was Bank Islam Group Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Mohd Muazzam Mohamed.

    Bank Islam Group Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Mohd Muazzam Mohamed, said the ISO 37001 certification acknowledged the bank’s anti-corruption practices and declared its commitment to zero-tolerance against bribery and corruption. This certification sets new standards in the industry and distinguishes Bank Islam as an ethical and responsible organization.

    “The ISO 37001 certification assures the management, staff, customers, and other stakeholders that the bank has taken appropriate measures to prevent graft. It also improves organizational efficiency and effectiveness in managing risks associated with bribery.

    “With this certification in place, we firmly believe customers, business partners, and other valued stakeholders will further place their trust in Bank Islam to manage their interests,” he said.

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    ISO 37001 is an international standard that specifies requirements and provides guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing, and improving an anti-bribery management system.

    According to Mohd Muazzam, Bank Islam constantly strives to enhance integrity by educating and increasing awareness among its employees.

    “We undertook several critical measures and policies to obtain the ISO 37001 ABMS certification, including implementing the ABMS Guideline, which serves as an internal document verifying that documented procedures met the ISO 37001 ABMS Standard requirements. This accreditation also complements the bank’s effort in ensuring the strictest code of conduct, good governance, and integrity,” he explains.

    In July 2022, Bank Islam launched its inaugural organizational anti-corruption plan (OACP) for 2022–2025. The Bank also introduced the Group Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy in 2021, outlining the roles and responsibilities of employees in upholding fundamental values of integrity, transparency, and accountability consistently across its operations.

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