Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

    Gathering with friends to play well-known games like “Mobile Legend: Bang Bang (MLBB)” is a favourite pastime activity among die-hard mobile gamers as a means of relaxing and releasing everyday tension. A typical problem, though, is that while playing, their phones’ batteries run out and need to be recharged. Gaming performance suffers as a result of the SoC chip’s underclocking because this frequently causes overheating problems with standard phone batteries. Thankfully, the Infinix NOTE 30’s bypass charging feature allays this worry and enables gamers to charge without worrying about their devices overheating. Players may have a nonstop, enjoyable gaming session with the NOTE 30.

    The Infinix NOTE 30 introduces an impressive 45W wired fast charging feature, providing 1.95 hours of gaming battery life with just 5 minutes of charging. Additionally, it can charge up to 75% of the 5000mAh battery in just 30 minutes. A standout feature of the phone is its innovative bypass charging technology, which directly powers the motherboard while charging and playing games. This extends battery life, reduces battery ageing, and enhances safety during charging and gameplay.

    Technically, the bypass charging function is a smart feature of the NOTE 30. When the battery level reaches or surpasses the bypass charging threshold (default at 30%), the charging current bypasses the battery and goes directly to the motherboard.

    By implementing bypass charging, the phone significantly reduces overheating issues that commonly occur during simultaneous charging and gaming. In tests conducted by Infinix Lab, bypass charging reduced the temperature of the NOTE 30 by 2-7°C compared to conventional charging methods. This greatly improves user comfort, especially during extended gaming sessions or in hot weather conditions

    Enabling bypass charging is simple and can be accessed through the X-Arena game space interface. Users can slide out the sidebar from the left or right sides of the screen and select bypass charging.

    Infinix is comitted to providing users with more freedom and the latest innovations. With the new model, players can adjust the bypass charging threshold within the X-Arena settings to three options: 20%, 30%, or 40%. This empowers users to choose whether the current input directly supplies power to the motherboard instead of going through the battery when the battery reaches their desired threshold.

    For an unparalleled gaming experience, the NOTE 30 series introduces the exclusive gaming software XArena. Driven by the advanced Dar-Link 2.0 engine, it intelligently optimises the CPU and GPU speeds of the Helio G99 chipset, ensuring smooth gameplay and stunning visuals in every gaming scenario. XArena offers handy features such as call and message interference, along with Respawn Countdown, which keeps players informed about their in-game respawn time, allowing them to efficiently manage their tasks. Moreover, the NOTE 30 Pro takes gaming to the next level with its VC liquid cooling, flagship JBL sound, and immersive 120Hz screen, guaranteeing superior audio, touch, and visual experiences for passionate gamers.

    As summer heats up, the Infinix NOTE 30 becomes an indispensable companion for gamers, enabling uninterrupted gaming sessions without concerns of overheating. Dive into thrilling gameplay with your teammates throughout the day and indulge in the excitement of immersive gaming experiences all summer long!

    Check out the NOTE 30 in the new mesmerising Sunset Gold colour that is now available in Malaysia. For latest updates on Infinix events and products, visit Infinix Malaysia’s official website, Facebook page, Instagram channel  and Tiktok channel

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