Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

    Vcharge Asia, a prominent Malaysian e-mobility service provider, has revealed its advanced electric vehicle (EV) charging system at the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM) 2023. This introduction marks a significant step toward a more convenient, accessible, and eco-friendly future for EV users throughout Malaysia.

    A brand aligned under Ocean Vantage Holdings Bhd (KLSE:OVH), Vcharge Asia is dedicated to establishing an extensive network of EV charging infrastructure and digital services. The focus is on enhancing charging speed and efficiency of their Targeted 100 EV charging infrastructure across Malaysia, with a remarkable achievement of reducing the usual 3-hour charging time to just 30 minutes. This breakthrough represents a substantial over 80% increase in charging duration.

    “As Malaysia’s sustainability industry continues to flourish and gain momentum, the nation is more receptive towards sustainable transportation solutions. With our newly launched charging infrastructure, we are not just increasing charging speed; we are fundamentally reshaping the entire EV experience. We believe that the future of mobility should be fast, convenient, and sustainable. Together, we are expediting the transition to a cleaner, greener future — one where EVs play a pivotal role in transforming how we move and reducing our environmental footprint,” said Kenny Ronald Ngalin, Founder of Ocean Vantage Holdings. 

    Vcharge employs an innovative approach to charging infrastructure by strategically positioning its stations in municipal council-owned parking lots, specifically catering to busy office and commercial hubs, further increasing accessibility and engagement for users.

    Working on the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), the Vcharge platform is compatible with over 50 brands of EV charging equipment. Their network expansion includes both their in-house brand and the seamless integration of other charging equipment brands, reflecting their commitment to versatility and user accessibility.

    More than charging infrastructure, EV users can now digitally monitor and manage the entire charging process through its all-in-one platform. The Vcharge app allows users to effortlessly navigate their entire driving experience, from finding the nearest charging station and checking real-time charging point availability, to monitoring the charging progress remotely.

    Kenny further added “The core of the Vcharge app is to simplify every aspect of EV charging for a user-centric and hassle-free experience. Coupled with our strategic positioning of charging points within city limits to push the EV movement forward, we hope to continue complementing government initiatives to expand coverage along long-distance routes.”

    Vcharge Asia boasts an extensive portfolio of EV charging equipment from DC charging modules, portable DC chargers, and well-mounted AC chargers, among others. The brand’s bespoke solutions cater to diverse EV requirements, ranging from personal cars to public buses.

    Moving into 2024, Vcharge Asia is set to expand its impressive portfolio — leveraging on their expertise as solution providers, the brand’s next steps include initiating the installation of chargers in car parks managed by DBKL, Putrajaya, MBSJ, and MBPJ. Concurrently, in homage to their roots, installation of the same chargers will commence in Miri, and other cities in Sarawak.

    For more information about Vcharge Asia, log on to www.vcharge.asia.

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