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    Butterfingers hopes to transport fans back in time and evoke a sense of musical nostalgia with the Malayneum 23 Concert at Malawati Stadium, Shah Alam, on October 7 this year, following the sold-out Transcendence 20 Year Concert on November 2, 2019, just before the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Among the main driving forces of the Butterfingers group, LoQue, or Khairil Ridzwan Annuar, stated that “this idea had been lingering in my mind since shortly after the success of the Transcendence 20 Concert but was hindered due to the world being hit by a pandemic for several years. Therefore, the year 2023 is seen as favorable ‘weather’ for us to finally carry it out.”

    LoQue says, “Butterfingers believes that all of our listeners and cult followers will always crave live performances from us. We also believe that the chemical reactions we channel when the four of us clash on stage since post-Transcendence 20 will evoke that sense of nostalgia and create new memories not just for the audience but for us band members too.”

    When asked about the main purpose of holding the Malayneum 23 Concert, it is because, back in 2001, Butterfingers was busy producing album after album since their debut album, 1.2mg, in 1996. In 1999, at the time of the release of their third album, Transcendence, which hadn’t yet matured in the mainstream arena, Butterfingers promptly released their fourth album, Malayneum, in 2001. It features sounds distinct from their previous albums.

    Loque adds that “after years, fans will witness the band’s homecoming at the Malayneum 23 Concert, coinciding with the experimental album’s anniversary.’ ‘Malayneum stands as a pivotal album for Butterfingers, showcasing a noticeable transition from our early works,’ he continues. ‘This release marks our band’s peak,’ he emphasizes. The album cover’s color captures this concept of’senja,’ signifying the dusk of our journey.”

    From a recording company’s point of view, Malayneum is considered a “comercial suicide”. “Because we (Butterfingers) made a complete 180-degree shift in our sound to distance ourselves from the sounds of the Transcendence album before it. Due to the fact that the Malayneum album was perceived as odd and unconventional as compared to our earlier albums, along with several other unavoidable factors, we didn’t have the opportunity to fully celebrate this album at that time. The Malayneum tour was not as glorified as it should have been. Hence, Malayneum 23,” says Loque.

    “Therefore, this album is considered separuh masak or half-cooked as we couldn’t perform the songs from the Malayneum album live in their entirety. So, the Malayneum 23 Concert will witness songs from the Malayneum album, among others, being played from a different perspective in a different era for all those in attendance,” added Loque. for Loque, and they did not have the chance to celebrate this album as a whole, deep into its essence, before the band members decided to pursue their individual paths.

    Emmett remarks, “This comeback for me is pretty neat; it’s going to be the first show that I will be playing the guitars, and I am looking forward to that. It’s nice that the band is playing together a little more as opposed to just putting the band ready and putting my vocals on top of that which we did for Transcendence 20. Now that the band is together again, there’s more of a band spirit”. He adds, on top of conveying that Malayneum 23 is the first album celebration show post-pandemic “I’m stoked.”.

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    According to Emmett, Malayneum is one of the most underrated Butterfingers albums, as it was deemed “straying away from their original sound; it is a different flavor that we were experimenting on”.

    LoQue added, “The tracks on the Malayneum album are quite different compared to our other albums. While recording this album, we had enough power chords and all those “grunge” sounds at that time. As we matured playing together as a band, our imaginations went wild, our creative juices kept pumping and flowing endlessly, and our minds were all craving the newly found, fresh sonic palettes.”

    “Because of that, we infused acoustic and electronic elements such as incorporating a string quartet ensemble, a horn section (trumpet and trombone), and also integrated sampled sounds (including the voice of Cikgu, the late Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee) and synthesizers.”

    Reflecting on Malayneum, Loque shared, “When I think of it now, two decades after its release, I’d say Malayneum stands out as our most unique album. It kind of hovered in between grunge, alternative, and indie rock. It found itself in this interesting space, not fully fitting into either category. We were riding the wave of our popularity while transitioning from the grunge era to something less familiar. Malayneum truly embodies the essence of Butterfingers’ original sound. It’s like an album caught in transit between two eras, not quite having settled into a specific mold. After 20 years, we’re thankful that we embraced the uncharted path that Malayneum represents. It really is in its own league.”

    Kadak interprets that “the songs from the Malayneum album are ‘dark’ or ‘abyss,’ meaning most of the songs play with a single spark of emotion, and their lyrics convey the transitions of feelings they wish to express. On the night of the concert, we will strive to promise something different. For those who want to know what difference we will bring, it is’mandatory’ to purchase tickets before it’s too late.”

    Concluding the conversation with Kadak, he expresses that “this is a good time to celebrate the Malayneum album, as we did not have the chance to place the spotlight on it as much as the other albums. For this to happen, we are able to perform and present the essence of the album to the fans, giving it proper appreciation. Other than that, through Malayneum 20, we are also able to show our deepest thanks to fans who have been here since day one, constantly showing their support since the release of our first album.” He adds that this show will showcase Malayneum as the “well-cooked” and intimate album that it is. Hence, he hopes that the fans will be able to enjoy the show to the fullest, making it a night to remember.

    “Imagine this: after 20 years, the Malayneum 23 concert happens, bringing the one and only Butterfingers vibes live to fans like never before. Imagine a stadium jam-packed with fans, all coming together not just for a regular concert but to relive memories and share the love for music. The energy from the crowd makes the performances extra special, leaving a lasting impact. And here’s the thing: to really get what makes this concert unique, you’ve got to be there in person.” Loko conveys.

    “Although this concert is meant to celebrate two decades of the Malayneum album, in order not to disappoint our cult followers, we will also present the kek lapis of songs from the early Butterfingers era, which are the beloved favorites in our repertoire,” said LoQue before the conversation concluded.

    The Malayneum 23-Year Butterfingers Concert is set to be held on October 7 at Malawati Stadium, Shah Alam. The venue is chosen again due to its capacity to accommodate over 8,000 audience members.

    Tickets are on sale now! The price ranges are from RM99 (Ginseng), RM135 (Suddenly), RM199 (Pacific), to RM249 (Mating Season). As for standing zones, ticket prices will be available at RM165 (Malayneum) only.

    Additionally, there will be premium seating options starting at RM499 (Malayneum Deluxe), where there will be opportunities for meet and greet sessions and to own official deluxe merchandise.

    All ticket purchasing arrangements are conducted through www.ticket2u.com.

    For further information about the Malayneum 23-Year Concert Organization, kindly send your inquiries to [email protected] or contact 012-203-2585 (Penerbitan Pancasona).

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