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    The renowned MLBB Junior Cup and MLBB Ladies Cup 2023 Grand Finale, which was played from September 29 to October 1, 2023, had Infinix Malaysia, a well-known smartphone manufacturer, as its prize sponsor. These action-packed competitions took place as part of the Malaysia Digital Contest Festival (MYDCF) event, which took place over many days at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

    The journey of the MLBB Junior Cup and MLBB Ladies Cup 2023 began on September 9, 2023, when registration opened, and it continued to captivate the esports community until its grand finale on October 1, 2023. This year’s event marked the fourth edition of the highly-anticipated MYDCF: MLBB Junior Cup, organized by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). It reached a record-breaking milestone by attracting an astounding 2,500 participants, solidifying its place in history as the largest turnout ever witnessed. “We are truly honored to join forces with the MLBB Junior Cup and MLBB Ladies Cup 2023, alongside the MYDCF event. At Infinix Malaysia, our unwavering commitment lies in bolstering the gaming community and nurturing exceptional talents. Our sponsorship serves as a driving force, empowering and igniting the spirit of young gamers towards remarkable achievements in their gaming journey,” said Carmen Yong, Marketing and GTM Director of Infinix Malaysia.

    The exhilarating tournaments showcased the extraordinary talents of participants, with team Sebaru Esports A from SK Bandar Baru Kuala Selangor emerging as champions in the primary school category and team Lux from SMK Jalan Kebun securing victory in the equally competitive secondary school category. Meanwhile, the Junior Cup: Open Champion title was claimed by the formidable Team Eldians, solidifying their position as the best in their league. Likewise, the MLBB Ladies Cup Champion witnessed an impressive performance by the Home Girls, who earned the coveted first-place position.

    Infinix Malaysia sponsored an array of fantastic prizes, including the Infinix HOT 30, Note 12, 2023, HOT 20, Powerbanks, and TWS XE27 earbuds. Among the prize recipients were the Most Valuable Players: Muhammad Haziq Erveen from Team Eldians, who secured the title in the Junior Cup: Open Champion category; Muhd Irfan from Sebaru Esports A, the Primary School Champion; Muhammad Zulkarnan from Team Lux, the Secondary School Champion; and Arfina Balqis from Home Girls, who clinched the MLBB Ladies Cup Champion title. Additionally, these prizes were also awarded during several exciting giveaways held at the MLBB All-Star MDEC Cup, which featured an exhilarating showdown between the Daddyhood Homebois team and the Sith NSEA team.

    Stay tuned to Infinix Malaysia’s official website for the newest product updates, and visit Infinix Malaysia’s official Facebook pageInstagram page, and TikTok channel for upcoming events in Malaysia.

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