Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

    More than 150 local and regional media personalities were  treated to Sarawak Culture, Adventure, Natural beauty, gastronomic delicacies and a taste of  Sarawak‘s colourful and multi-ethnic Festivals. Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) hosted an  enchanting showcase of Sarawak, in every aspect – from its beautiful landscapes to rich and  diverse cultures and heritage. The lush Borneo rainforest setting, and vibrant elements  created an immersive ambience, allowing guests to connect with the natural beauty of  Sarawak – all depicted through immersive skits by talented performers.

    The evening kicked off with a special rendition of Hijau by Zamil Idris, a song that carried a  strong message of sustainability – a narrative strongly advocated by STB. Sarawak stresses  the importance of Responsible Tourism to create awareness of the importance of Planetary  Health through Responsible practices in tourism.

    Upon arrival, attendees were warmly greeted with a traditional Sarawakian welcome,  showcasing the warm hospitality for which Sarawak is well-known. The ambiance exuded a  sense of authenticity, reflecting the Sarawak’s commitment to preserving its rich cultural  traditions and its million-year-old rainforest.

    Puan Sharzede Datu Salleh Askor, Chief Executive Officer of Sarawak Tourism Board, gave a  warm welcome message, “Sarawak is truly blessed with different landscapes, national parks, and UNESCO sites like the Gunong Mulu National Park. However, we are ever careful to  ensure we do not spoil our natural beauty and our resources. This is our promise, and pledge  towards Responsible Tourism to ensure preservation of Sarawak as a beautiful destination to  live in as well as to visit.”

    She added, “Advocating ‘Planetary Health’ through ‘Responsible Practices’, among our people  and to our visitors, Sarawak invites everyone to play a role in ensuring that the space they  occupy remains clean after they leave. Attention should be given to protecting and enhancing  environmental and social sustainability within the entire ecosystem, so that our Land thrives  and remains unspoilt for generations to come.”

    In appreciation of the contribution of media in telling the Sarawak story, STB surprised the  audience with Yours Truly Sarawak Awards for best stories and coverage for broadcast, print  and online featured since January this year. From the vast submissions across various media  platforms the winners were,

    (i) Broadcast – Aksi Nyata Bantu Merawat Bumi di RWMF 2023 Sarawak by KompasTV  Pontianak.

    (ii) Print Media – Journeying into the Melanau Kitchen by Intan Maizura Ahmad Kamal,  from New Straits Times

    (iii) Online Media – Kuching: A peek into Sarawak’s heritage by Farid Wahab from  Leisurely leisure

    Prior to the evening, media personnel were invited to participate in a short creative write-up  contest Yours Truly, Sarawak to express why they believe Sarawak is a dream destination. The  winners were;

    (i) Farrah Naz Karim from New Straits Times

    (ii) David Bowden, Travel Write Sdn Bhd

    (iii) Niezam Abdullah, mStar

    (iv) Zaiful Ariffin, Astro Awani

    (v) Shazmin Shamsuddin, The Vibes

    The whole ambience for the event was enhanced by performances by Sarawakian and Miss  Malaysia World 2014 title-holder Dewi Liana Seriestha, captivating choreography by the Akar  Seni Malaysia, and Sape player Leslie anak Eli. The media night by Sarawak Tourism Board  showcased Sarawak’s deep-rooted traditions, solidifying Sarawak’s reputation as a unique  and unforgettable destination.

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