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    The popular singer and composer Aisha Retno, 23, continues to enthrall her audience with new music that is full of profundity and emotion. Following multiple songs that resonated with audiences, Aisha is now expressing her sentiments through a song based on the current circumstances. “Ternoktah” is the name of Aisha Retno’s most recent creation.

    “Recently, many have taken notice of the wave of breakup news involving prominent celebrities, as conveyed through local media outlets. This reality has evoked sympathy within me, and I subsequently channeled it through a song that narrates the story of parting ways with loved ones,” says Aisha Retno.

    ‘Ternoktah’ narrates the feeling of bittersweet emotions when a relationship with a beloved one has ended. The saying goes, ‘to love does not mean to possess.’ Even if love still resides in someone’s heart, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can possess it.

    “The title ‘Ternoktah’ clearly depicts the pause or end of a romantic relationship. It can be said that breakups aren’t odd; they’re normal and happen frequently in society. After all, we are all human beings,” adds Aisha Retno.

    ‘Ternoktah’ not only touches the emotions of the listeners but also encourages them to reflect on the true essence of love and the bitterness that accompanies our lives. With courage, Aisha Retno once again proves her talent as a singer-songwriter who is capable of conveying profound messages through her harmonious and unique voice.

    Aisha also imparts a message: when experiencing disappointment, one should take reasonable action and move forward, striving to find happiness in the times ahead.

    “For me, if we feel disappointed by a breakup, we should accept it and acknowledge the reality. The key is to move forward and continue our life’s journey,” she adds.

    Further elaborating, Aisha, who previously received the Gold Award (SAMIs) for her song ‘W.H.U.T.’ (Wanna Hold U Tight) through digital streaming sales in Malaysia and Indonesia, states that the interpretation of her latest song isn’t solely limited to romantic tales. Instead, listeners can also associate it with various aspects of life, like the end of any type of relationship.

    “The scope of this song can be expanded further. In life, there are times when we no longer want to pursue something, or perhaps we feel like starting a new chapter with someone we trust. Hence, it’s certain that we put an end to the old story,” she adds.

    Aisha Retno, who is also currently portraying the character Melly in the drama ‘Gadis Muzikal,’ shares that ‘Ternoktah’ has a connection to her life.

    “For now, I’m more focused on my career (singing, acting, and hosting). Certainly, there have been ups and downs in my life. However, I embrace it all with an open heart, ultimately finding peace and taking it as a lesson in life. I haven’t forgotten that I have parents who are always my support system, providing words of encouragement,” she expresses with a face filled with emotion.

    Aisha’s ability to create her songs emphasizes diversity and uniqueness, as seen in ‘Sutera,’ which included elements of electronic dance music (EDM). Now, Aisha, whose full name is Sharifah Aisha Retno Sayed Sipulijam, comes forward with a unique and solid ballad that’s a delight for the general public to listen to. This excites Aisha even more, as she enjoys the challenge of enhancing her skills.

    Alhamdulillah, I’m grateful for the opportunity to launch songs of various genres before this. Despite facing a packed schedule, I managed to create a ballad song titled ‘Ternoktah,’ infused with vocal stylings and modern music to reach listeners of different age groups, especially the younger generation,” she shares.

    Moreover, ‘Ternoktah’ received a special touch from two talented composers and lyricists, Hanis Rafi and Firdaus Rahmat, in bringing this single to fruition.

    “Thankfully, everything went smoothly. I’m happy to collaborate with them not only for this single but also for several other songs that will be launched in the near future,” she says.

    “My hope, undoubtedly, is that this song is accepted by the listeners and becomes a source of inspiration for them to take more positive and beneficial actions in the event of a breakup,” she concludes.

    ‘Ternoktah’ can be downloaded on iTunes and enjoyed through various selected music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Deezer, KKBox, Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music.


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