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    Today, the Vivo V29 5G was introduced by Vivo Malaysia, a well-known smartphone technology business. The Vivo V29 5G comes with the most recent flagship-level Aura Light Portrait 2.0, attractive aesthetic designs in Starry Purple and Noble Black, a 120Hz 1.5K AMOLED display, an 80W Flash Charge, as well as a wide variety of cutting-edge features and ground-breaking breakthroughs.

    Equipped with the innovative Aura Light 2.0 and Smart Color Temperature Adjustment feature, a new aesthetic design, and powerful performance, the Vivo V29 5G is the smartphone for users looking to capture and celebrate every moment of their exciting lives.

    “Vivo is constantly striving to develop leading technology, such as studio-level portraits, in its smartphones to improve portrait photography and the overall user experience. The new Vivo V29 5G, with its upgraded Aura Light Portrait 2.0 feature and fascinating chic design, empowers users to express themselves in daily social life as well as to discover and celebrate every special moment,” said Mike Xu, Chief Executive Officer for Vivo Malaysia.

    He added, “Looking to the future, our commitment remains firm—to relentlessly push boundaries in smartphone innovation, ensuring our users continue to enjoy superior experiences.”


    Elevate Everyday Life with Aura Light Portrait 2.0

    Aura Light 2.0 on the Vivo V29 5G smartphone pushes boundaries by recognizing the importance of light in photography. Its rear camera boasts the largest Aura Light 2.0 in the V series, creating a three-dimensional lighting effect, eliminating shadows, and offering a studio-like experience. The 36% increase in brightness compared to the previous model ensures vivid, focused shots. Moreover, the Vivo V29 5G adapts to different environments with varying color temperatures, acting as a personal light designer. With a single tap, it illuminates subjects in dimly lit settings, resulting in bright, clear portraits with captivating atmospheres, enriching every shot.

    The Vivo V29 5G smartphone’s innovative Aura Light 2.0, featuring Smart Color Temperature Adjustment, boasts a larger 15.6 mm diameter light ring. This enhances low-light and night photography, adding a flattering radiance to subjects in any setting.

    Additionally, the front camera offers upgraded features like the 50 MP AF Group Selfie and Selfie Vlogging, ensuring perfect smiles in every frame. This innovation is the result of Vivo’s commitment to continuously delivering flagship-level photography and portraits.

    When it comes to exceptional night image quality, the Vivo V29 5G is powered by an advanced 50 MP OIS ultra-sensing camera. Elevating the photography experience extends exposure, enhances light intake, and ensures the capture of remarkably stable images. Superior image quality and truly satisfactory results can be expected, even in low-light conditions. With the Vivo V29 5G, users can relish the privilege of studio-level photography integrated seamlessly into a smartphone, all without the weight of a hefty price tag.

    The Vivo V29 5G also takes night-view videos to new heights with its advanced technology. The Ultra Stable Video feature, supported by OIS and EIS, ensures steadier and clearer shots of various night scenes. By conducting up to 1,000 stabilization computations and 10,000 stabilization movements per second, it effectively mitigates undesirable motion blur to capture images with clarity and precision.

    Furthermore, the Super Night Video feature is supported by excellent night scene algorithms and strong stabilization capabilities, all of which can effectively solve the pain points of shooting videos in low-light conditions. In other words, the Vivo V29 5G enables night shots to shine brightly and capture outstanding details with impeccable beauty.


    Redefine exquisiteness with timeless style.

    The colors of the Vivo V29 5G are fashionable and delicate, especially the starry purple. Inspired by the Milky Way and twinkling stars, the Starry Purple edition transcends the ordinary. The Innovative 3D Starry Craft technique allows the creation of a glittering purple appearance like no other, while the play of light on the back panel ensures that it is always shimmering like the night sky with two milky way and twinkling stars.

    Hence, the back cover looks translucent yet three-dimensional, all at the same time. The Starry Purple aligns seamlessly with prevailing fashion trends, where purple emerges as one of the most captivating colors of the year, making it a stylish addition to every fashionista’s wardrobe.

    As for the Noble Black color, it exudes timeless elegance and style thanks to the nano-scale photoetching technique, which provides durability and stain resistance with etched shimmers.


    The Best Screen in the History of the V Series

    The Vivo V29 5G series features a 120 Hz 1.5K AMOLED display and a 6.78″ 3D curved screen, delivering stunning visuals to users. With an impressive resolution of 1.5K and a super-high pixel density of 452 PPI, every detail comes to life with astonishing precision. Users will be immersed in a captivating visual experience as the Vivo V29 5G showcases 1.07 billion colors and a DCI-P3 cinema-grade color gamut. In addition, Vivo V29 5G prioritizes eye health and has received three SGS professional-grade eye protection certifications, underscoring our commitment to visual well-being.


    Delivering Unparalleled Performance

    The Vivo V29 5G is designed to provide a smooth and powerful user experience. It features a Qualcomm Snapdragon® 778G mobile platform, ensuring excellent performance and seamless 5G connectivity. With its Memory Booster (12 GB of RAM + 8 GB of extended RAM), the device offers ample storage and strong support for the operating system. The Vivo V29 5G also includes an Ultra Large VC Bionic Cooling System, which enables the device to unleash optimal performance in various scenarios, delivering an immersive experience, whether during intense gaming sessions or captivating cinematic experiences.

    Additionally, the updated 80W flash charger and 4600 mAh (TYP) battery allow for fast and safe charging, allowing the phone to be charged from 1% to 50% in just 18 minutes [3] and guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting use. Besides, the Vivo V29 5G is IP54 dust- and water-resistant. Whether one is caught in the rain or having fun [4] beside the pool, the Vivo V29 5G provides splash resistance and dust resistance under normal use.

    In over 60 controlled laboratory reliability tests, vivo V29 5G demonstrates exceptional performance. No matter where you are, the Vivo V29 5G accompanies you through rain or sunshine, ensuring a long-lasting, worry-free user experience. Overall, with its impressive specifications and features, the Vivo V29 5G provides a convincing and rational choice for users seeking a high-performance smartphone.


    Vivo V29 5G Price, Availability, and Partnership

    Starting today, the highly anticipated Vivo V29 5G will be available in Malaysia at a price of RM1,899 for its 12+256GB variant and RM2,099 for the 12+512GB variant. Fans who are interested can pre-order the device starting on September 21, 2023, with interesting promotions. Pre-orders that are made at any selected Vivo Concept Store will get a complimentary storage upgrade.

    Vivo Malaysia has collaborated with some exceptional partners, including Grazia, CHAGEE, UCSI, LUSH, Sunway Lagoon, MIX, Godiva, and Dking, who share the vision for innovation and excellence. Stay tuned for more exciting collaboration updates and announcements on Vivo’s official social media platforms.

    Here is information on the price, pre-order, promotions, and availability of the Vivo V29 5G:

    Launching Date20th September 2023
    Pre-order Date 21st September 2023
    First Sale Date28th September 2023
    Online Sales Platformvivo Malaysia e-store, Shopee, Lazada and Tiktok Shop
    Pre-order PromotionsPre order Now and Get Exclusive Gifts Worth Up to RM995

    vivo care 1+1* Extended Warranty – RM199

    vivo care 1 year screen protection – RM399

    V29 Screen protector – RM69

    V29 Protective Cover – RM69

    TWS Earbuds – RM259

    Customers who pre-order on 21 September  2023, at any selected vivo Concept Store will receive a complimentary storage upgrade! (terms & conditions applied)

    Selected vivo Concept Store: 

    • Pavilion KL
    • KL East Mall
    • KL Mid Valley
    • Sunway Pyramid
    • Gurney Plaza
    • Johor Mid Valley Southkey
    RRPV29 5G 12+ 256GB for RM1899

    V29 5G 12+512GB for RM2099


    Stay up-to-date with the latest promotions and product specifications at Vivo Malaysia’s Facebook page and Vivo Malaysia’s official website.

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